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Most people define themselves by their profession. Well, there's no doubt that I'm a performer. But I really am a schizophrenic little boy-grumpy old man. Like a little boy I have an endless thirst for detail and knowledge, never feeling like I know enough yet always needing to create. Being a performer and living life helps me to quench that thirst. I'm a grumpy old man because more and more I know who I am and how I work and I have high expectations from the world around me especially in terms of respect for one another. That doesn't happen alot, hence the word "grumpy".

UPDATES: December 2nd, 2015

  • I'm currently creating content for two new channels I've started on YouTube. Check out Dwayne's Spin Stop for features related to health, technology and entertainment including weekly interviews with celebrity guests in a "live" broadcast. My DisneyDwayne channel features Disney related news and more! Facebook pages are here (Dwayne's Spin Stop) and here (Once Upon A Fairy Tale the podcast) 
  • I'm slated to play Amos Yee (you can look him up) as part of a crowdfunding project for a mini musical titled "UnbelYEEvable: The Musical". Visit the Indiegogo page to find out more and show your support. Trailers available too.
  • In January, look out for Heartland Hubby on the new Channel Five. I play series regular Robbie on Channel Five's Heartland Hubby. Catch up on episodes here http://tv.toggle.sg/en/shows/heartland-hubby-hd/episodes. New shorts are also available on the Mediacorp Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/MediaCorpCh5/videos
  • I guest in the premiering episode of the HBO Asia series, "Serangoon Road". The series finale is on Dec 3, 10pm on Channel Five. Catch up here http://tv.toggle.sg/en/channel5/shows/serangoon-road/episodes . Find the first episode on Youtube. The series is also available on Amazon.com and iTunes.
  • My latest music video is a cover of "Let It Go" on my new Disney related YouTube Channel. Do subscribe to the channel and check out other music videos if you enjoyed this one.